Private Signing FAQs


All items will be removed from their original packaging in order to facilitate an efficient signing process, so your label must be directly on the item itself.

Cards, Photos, Tickets, and Other Flats

Write your name on a sticky note and affix it directly to the back of your item. You may also label your top loader or other case, but this is optional.

Baseballs, Baseball Bats, Helmets, and Other Non-Flats

Sticky notes have been known to fall off these items, so instead use a piece of painter’s tape to attach a piece of paper directly onto your item. For baseballs, a post-it note in a ziploc bag along with the ball is a great way to let us know what you need. 

Signature or Inscription Placement

If you desire a specific placement for the player’s signature or inscription, designate that area by placing sticky notes or tape with directional arrows adjacent to the area. Inscriptions should only be labelled on the front of the item. 

Pen color

If you desire a specific pen color, this must be labelled on the front of the card so it won’t be missed.

If you're getting blue sharpie, there's no need to label as that is the default color we use on cards and photos. Labelling the front of the card in that instance, is optional. 


Unless otherwise noted, all items (excluding baseballs) will be signed with a Fine Blue Sharpie. Baseballs will be signed with a Blue Bic Pen/zebra pen. Specific pen requests should be labelled on the front of the item. 

We provide Fine and Ultra Fine Blue Sharpie and Black Fine Ultra Fine Sharpie. Medium and Fine Staedtler, Fine Gold and Fine Silver Deco, Fine Gold and Fine Silver Sharpie, and Blue Bic Pens. If you would like your item signed in a different marker or pen, include that in your package with your item. Your pen will not be returned.



All items must have return packaging and postage, commonly referred to as a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope). We do our best to repackage your items the same way we received them. PLEASE TRY TO AVOID SENDING STAMPS AS MEANS OF RETURN POSTAGE. We can print a label for you if needed. 

We STRONGLY PREFER separate SASEs if you're sending to multiple signings. You may combine multiple signings into one package, but remember two things.

1. Your package won't ship back until the last signing is complete- and if there's a reschedule, it could be a while.

2. Five Tool Signings reserves the right to return packages whenever needed. In that case, the customer is responsible for any return shipping charges incurred. For example, if you send an order to get 6 baseballs signed by 4 players, we can send it back at any point, if needed. We'd use your SASE and bill you for shipping on a subsequent package. 

If you do not include return postage with your items, we will provide postage, shipping, and handling for the exact cost of the postage plus $5.

This fee applies if you do not include return packaging as well. When possible, we will reuse your packaging that you sent your item in. 

All smaller items we provide postage for will be shipped via USPS. All large items will be shipped via UPS and we will provide you with the corresponding tracking number. 

If you purchase an unsigned item directly from us - return shipping is already included in that purchase, and we will safely package and ship your item. 


After individually labeling all your items, pack your items, return postage, and payment (if paying by cash or check), and send them to the address you received in your order confirmation e-mail. Please DO NOT send anything signature required.


Inscriptions are 1-4 words, and are added upon request to an item in addition to the player’s signature. A few examples include “Go Braves!”, “5x Gold Glove Winner”, and “2011 All-Star”. Players frequently write common inscriptions in a particular way, such as “5x GG” instead of “5x Gold Glove Winner”, so be prepared to receive the player’s personal preference.

You may not jam two career accomplishments into four words.

For example:

'95 Champs, 96 MVP' is four words, but two inscriptions. 

'91, 92 Division Champs' is four words, but two inscriptions. 

Inscriptions are almost always an additional $10, sometimes more. You can add an inscription to any item by including it as an item in your cart at checkout. If you’d like an inscription longer than 4 words, you may purchase an additional inscription for every additional 1-4 words.

1-4 words = 1 inscription

5-8 words = 2 inscriptions

9-12 words = 3 inscriptions


We always have available Rawlings Official MLB Baseballs (shipping anywhere in the Continental US included) and Rawlings Official Gold Glove Winner Baseballs (shipping anywhere in the Continental US included). Save on initial shipping costs by purchasing a ball we already have on hand! We may have other varieties of baseballs on hand. To see what we currently have, click this link:


We do not provide third-party authentication on every signing. If it is provided, it will be both in the announcement or drop-down menu of the signing (s) that you're participating in. We will provide photos of items being signed, although we cannot guarantee that your item will be in the photos. 


As a policy, if scheduling is difficult, we reserve the right to make any signing TTM (through-the-mail.) We securely pack the items and ship back signed items in an expedited fashion after they are signed. We also conduct the signings via video chat and provide pictures/screenshots of each signing. 

If you ship a large item in for a signing that is TTM or becomes TTM, you are responsible for shipping charges TO THE PLAYER as well. 

In the exceedingly rare case of a package being lost with customer's items, signed or unsigned- our NO REFUND OR REPLACEMENT policy still applies, though this will be reviewed on a case by base basis. In any case of this occurring, tracking will be provided as proof of an issue with the package. 


We regularly communicate through posts on social media, and send emails frequently with updates about the status of signings. Please check your inbox, our Facebook page or the group 'Baseball Private Signings' BEFORE sending us a message. 

Counting two Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail, shopify messaging and SCN, there are at least seven ways to get in touch with us. I do NOT typically share my personal phone number for business transactions. If there's an extenuating circumstance, we may choose to communicate via telephone if needed. 

Typically, we respond within a few hours (and more often, quicker than that). Overall, I'd say that 99% of messages are addressed within 12-24 hours. Please do NOT message us on multiple channels for the same question. (And yes, I've had several customers contact me on five or six different channels while copying and pasting the same inquiry).

We pride ourselves on great communication and will uphold our own high standards on the topic. 


Occasionally, an autograph doesn't come out as the collector wants. There may be a smudge, for example. These things happen. Please just reach out to us via one of the many communication channels we provide to let us know, and we'll work to rectify the situation. Our goal is customer satisfaction. 

Please note that where possible, if we have a more pristine example of the autograph to substitute, we will proactively. If we do not, you'll receive your card back in the condition that it's in. All you have to do is reach out to us if you're dissatisfied.